4 Types of Plants You Must Have on Your Computer Desk

Plants are a great to have in your bedroom, especially on your computer desk. Not only do they clean the air through photosynthesis, they also have other natural qualities that can improve your overall livelihood. In this article, we examine four types of plants you should consider having on your office desk. You will also gain a sense of responsibility by keeping this plant nice and healthy.

The first type of plants you should try growing is a flower. Not only do they give your office a nice touch of color and smell, they have also health qualities. For example, flowers are known to cause emotional improvements for people who undergo depression. If you decide to get a flower, pick carefully. Some flowers will attract unwanted pests like bees and flies. You should get one that will not take up too much space on your corner desk. For example, you could get a thin vase and place a few flowers inside. These flowers will not last a long time, but it is a great reason for you to change them every now and then.

The second type of plant is a cactus. There is nothing more simple than growing a small cactus on your corner desk. Did you forget to water your cactus? No worries. Unlike other plants, a cactus is designed to store water for a long period of time. These days, cactus flowers come in may variations. You can get one with funky shapes and colors. Do not end up with a cactus that is too spiky.

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The third type is an aqua-plant. These plants are easy to maintain because they live in water, and not soil. On that note, you will need to replace the water frequently. Dirty water can attract insects like mosquitoes, which would be the last thing you would want on your table. Some people like to get large glass vases and also keep small fishes inside. This is good way to make your desk area more interesting. If you ever get bored while you are on your table, you can simply look at the vase and see the small fishes swim around.

The last type of plant is a radiation absorbing plant. According to recent studies, there are certain plants that can absorb the radiation that emits from technological devices such as your computer. They are not that expensive either. You can simply place one next to your laptop or CPU device. There are many other plants you can also place on your desk but the four above are what we recommend as the best plants.