BloomsBy – software for the Independent Floral Designer

BloomsBy floral design estimates for weddings 4

BloomsBy floral design estimates for weddings 4

Designing wedding flowers is most people’s idea of a dream job. But it comes with its challenges – coordinating with clients, creating wedding proposals, writing contracts, customer billing, and so much more.

That’s a lot of work for a single person. As florists, we were tired of these headaches in our own floral business, so we decided to develop a tool that meets floral designer needs: BloomsBy

BloomsBy is a powerful Floral Wedding/Event Management system that lets you manage and grow your floral design business effortlessly:
iPad App – Industry First Florist Proposal App, work on your proposals on the go
Wedding/Event Proposals – Create beautiful proposals in minutes, not hours
Shopping Lists – Save money, plan ahead & buy just the right amount
Profit Calculator – Easily use the right markup every time
Inspiration Pages – Sell more weddings with beautiful, visual proposals
Payment Schedule – Email your invoices & get paid online right away
Affordable Software – Only $39.99/month

iPad app – Manage Floral Weddings from Anywhere

Mobile is everything. You don’t have to be attached to the computer anymore to run your business. BloomsBy developed a floral iPad app that you can use anywhere – at client consultations, bridal shows, while designing flowers, or setting up wedding/events. Your business is now portable.

BloomsBy floral design estimates for weddings 4

Beautiful Wedding Proposals – Impress Every Client

Want to add some spark to your BloomsBy floral proposals? Add photos and inspiration page images to your proposals. Use your creativity and make your proposals stand out.

Contracts – Protect Your Business

As Floral Designers, it’s a hassle to create a floral wedding contract. With BloomsBy, contracts are built-in and customer signatures can be returned easily. Streamline and protect your business with standard floral contracts.

Profit Calculator for Labor and Markups – Guarantee Your Profits

Have you ever worried if you got your wedding math right? As florists, we’ve all been there. If you’re spending and charging thousands of dollars for an event, you want to make sure the dollars and cents add up.

BloomsBy has a profit calculator to add labor and markup, so you can get the math right and make a profit on every event.

BloomsBy floral design estimates for weddings 4

Shopping Lists – Make Floral Shopping a Snap!

BloomsBy lets you create a floral shopping list to know exactly how many flowers, greens, and supplies you need for your event. Never over or under-buy, so you spend just the right amount.

Payment Schedule – Send Invoices, Get Paid Automatically

Do you love chasing down customers for payment? Probably not. What if you could schedule payments for clients and have payment requests email to them automatically? Get paid while you sleep, get notified when customers are past due, send them reminders with a single click.

BloomsBy floral design estimates for weddings 4

BloomsBy – A Floral Wedding/Event Management System Built with Love

We created BloomsBy for Independent Floral Designers like you. We know your business has its own needs and that’s why we strongly believe that our solution can help you with every step of your floral event planning.

Access, run and grow your business from anywhere, effortlessly. Manage everything in one place. BloomsBy lets you stay in control and focus on what you do best – bringing your creative vision to life.

Talk to us for a BloomsBy free trial today!