New Dahlias Collections from Flirty Fleurs and Longfield Gardens

New Dahlias Collections from Flirty Fleurs and Longfield Gardens

New Dahlias Collections from Flirty Fleurs and Longfield Gardens

Hello friends!
I’m thrilled to share our latest Dahlia Collections with you! This 2021 season there are ELEVEN collections available.

A bit of background behind these collections. Five or so years ago I met with Longfield Gardens to discuss the florist / home gardener. What would it be like to grow dahlias for my own floral arrangements? Which varieties would I be attracted to for design, be it the size of the bloom, the color, the shape? If you’ve been visiting Flirty Fleurs for awhile you know I enjoy a good experiment! So off and running we were, me growing the dahlias in my garden, caring and nurturing them and getting comfortable cutting them at the right stage for my designs. Each season we select a new color palette for me to grow, I work with those and the carry-overs from the previous years. I learn something new each year, I have found some varieties that work great for designing and I’ve come across a few that may look great in the garden and not so great as a designer’s flower (those didn’t make it into any collections).
Here’s a snapshot of the Dahlia Collections we have agreed upon for the 2021 growing season!

Longfield Gardens X Flirty Fleurs Collections 2021

Now let’s talk in more depth about a handful of these dahlia varieties…

This past season was the first time I grew the dahlia Stolze Von Berlin, it quickly stood out to me as a fabulous dahlia for flower arranging. I would consider it a medium pink, (not too bubble-gum pink). A medium pink that works well with multiple color palettes. The size is about 2.5-3″ which is very easy to work with in both bouquets and arrangements, plus, add in the ball shape and the flower is very long lasting. The plant itself is a prolific bloomer all season long and the stems are long.

Stolze Von Berlin Pink Dahlia from Longfield Gardens

Stolze Von Berlin

Ok, now check out this one! Senior’s Hope is fabulous! So many colors in one bloom, a bit on that dusty, antique-ish side. This bloom is so different and so striking. Works well in arrangements or all by itself. Take a look at the collection ‘Chelsea’ and you’ll see Senior’s Hope right above Stolze Von Berlin – great way to see the sizes and colors together.

Senior's Hope Dahlia from Longfield Gardens

Senior’s Hope

I realize I’m late to this party — this past summer was my first time ever growing Maarn! I know, I know, weird. Probably one of the most popular orange dahlias ever. I sure was glad to finally get my hands on this tuber and planted in my garden. I worked Maarn into the Cordoba collection – a fantastic, rich, solid orange which grows in a ball shape. Long lasting and adding that color punch that is perfect for summer and fall color palettes! If you don’t grow this dahlia yet, truly consider getting it and adding it to your garden!

Maarn Orange Dahlia from Longfield Gardens


Looking for a variety to add into your garden that puts on a show for a few months straight? Go for Karma Prospero. This plant grows to a very nice size, about 3.5-4′ tall, and blooms are on long and strong stems. The blooms are a nice size that’ll make a great statement in the garden. They will also work great in larger floral designs and in large scale installations.

Karma Prospero Pink Dahlia from Longfield Gardens

Karma Prospero

Do you all just look at these dahlia photos and get excited to garden this coming summer?? I know I sure do!

Ok, I’m going to share a sneak-peek at a few of the varieties I’m going to try growing this season!! I’m so excited for these vibrant and cheery blooms!

Dahlia Tubers 2021 Longfield Gardens

Visit to check out the dahlias and other summer blooming flowers they have available! If you do order a Flirty Fleurs Collection please tag us when you post photos of your blooming plants and finished floral designs online! #FlirtyFleurs